Double Leg Kick

Description: The Double Leg Kick is a complicated exercise with many moving parts. ?It? especially challenging to teach because of the prone position and the movement of the head from side to side. ?It? a great exercise for increase the strength of the muscles?on the posterior side of the body.Start Position: Begin prone on the mat with legs straight, parallel and together, your hands resting on the small of your back as high as is comfortable, keeping your shoulders relaxed so your elbows are toward or on the floor. ?Your head is turned to one side with your cheek resting on the mat. ?Your spine is in a neutral position. Your ankles are plantar flexed.To Perform the Exercise:_ Exhale three times ?as you flex both knees with three dynamic pulses to bring your feet as close to your seat as you can while stabilizing the pelvis and spine from movement. ?Inhale extend your knees and abduct, extend and laterally rotate the hips. ?Simultaneously, extend the spine and extend the elbows and flex the shoulders. ??Keep your head in line with your spine. ?Exhale and return to the start position before beginning the next rep, in a fluid manner. ?Be sure to turn your head to the other side on each repetition. ?Complete 5-8 repetitions.

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