Description: The Corkscrew is an advanced level exercise that takes strength, flexibility and a lot of body awareness to execute correctly. ?The goal of the exercise is to roll up and down the mat in a straight line, while in rotation. ?Your legs will create an oval shape when performed correctly. ?Start Position: Begin supine on the mat, spine and pelvis neutral, and your legs together, straight, and on a diagonal as low as you can stabilize the spine and pelvis. ?Your arms are reaching long on the mat along your body.To Perform the Exercise: Inhale and hinge at the hips and then roll over onto your upper back with your legs parallel to the floor. ?Then exhale and rotate your pelvis sending your legs to one side and begin to roll back down the mat in a straight line _ rolling down one side of your spine. ?Once your pelvis is back down, rotate to the other side and roll back over _ rolling up the other side of the spine. ?Inhale as you near the top of the roll and bring your hips and legs back to the center. ?Change directions for ?the next repetition. ?Complete 8-10 repetitions.

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