Description: The Breaststroke focuses on strength and mobility of the upper back.? It? the perfect exercise for those that spend long hours behind a desk or driving.Start Position: Begin prone on the mat with legs straight and together (or hip distance apart), and the hips, pelvis, and spine in neutral. ?Your arms are resting by your sides on the mat with your elbows bent and hands just outside of your shoulders.To Perform the Exercise: _Exhale as reach your arms forward above your head and lift your chest off of the mat. ?The bottom of the rib cage stays on the mat and your arms are in-line with your head. ?Inhale as you circle your arms out to the side and back toward your legs and extend the upper back even more. ?Keep your head and neck in line with your spine. Then reach the arms forward by flexing the elbows and lower your torso back down to a hover above the mat to start the next repetition. ?On the last repetition bring your chest back down to the mat and your arms back to the start position. ?Complete 5-8 repetitions.

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