Description: The Boomerang is an advanced Pilates mat exercise that requires, strength, coordination, and mobility. ??It? a complex movement pattern and a number of exercises should be mastered before attempting the Boomerang, such as the Roll Over and Teaser. ?Start Position: Begin seated on the mat with legs straight and one crossed over the other. ?Spine is flexed over the legs and hands are resting on the mat outside of the thighs. ?To Perform the Exercise:_ Exhale as you lift your legs and rock the entire shape of the body back and onto the shoulders. ?Inhale as you open the legs shoulder distance and recross with the opposite leg on top. ?Then exhale and rock the entire shape up into a V (teaser) position with arms reaching toward the feet and lengthening thoracic spine. ?Inhale as you circle your arms out to the side and back. ?Exhale as you continue to reach the arms behind and rock forward with control to the start position. ?Then inhale and circle the arms out to the side and back to the start position. ?Complete 4-8 repetitions.

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