Back Rowing - Straight Back

This exercise is a complex movement pattern that works the full body. When performed correctly, it takes a considerable amount of abdominal strength and upper body control. Start Position:Begin seated tall in a neutral spine position on the carriage facing the back with your legs on the headrest. Hold a strap in each hand and arms reaching in front of you, with your palms up. Be sure that there is about a hands-width distance between your seat and the edge of the carriage so you can safely roll back.To Perform the Exercise:Inhale and tilt the pelvis back while keeping the spine as neutral as possible. Simultaneously, flex the elbows to pull your hands toward your shoulders. Exhale and return to vertical as you reach your arms straight up to the ceiling. Then inhale and hinge forward at the hip joint to return the carriage. The exhale and flex your torso over your legs and sweep your arms down and back reaching your arms behind you and your palms facing each other. Then inhale as you circle the arms back around to the front and line your arms up with your head. Then exhale as you articulate the spine from tail to head to return to the start position. Turn your arms back to the start position as well. Repeat 3-5 repetitions

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