Ab Series - Fitness

This workout is part of our Abs Series. The Abs Series includes many workouts that are Fitness Based, Pilates Based, or a combination of fitness and Pilates. Some workouts use equipment and others are body weight based. This workout is primarily fitness based, with a Pilates flair. John is using an Ab Roller / Wheel and a Mini Stability Ball. He’s also doing some body weight exercises. The workouts in the Abs Series are all under 30 minutes long. This particular workout is advanced level and is about 21 minutes long.

Programming Tips: Please be sure that you or your clients and classes are ready for all of the exercises. Proper assessment of your clients is essential prior to beginning any work out program. Appropriate regressions and progressions and/or exercise omissions must be used with participants when necessary, in order to assure a safe and effective workout.

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