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The John Garey Show – Season 3

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You never know what's going to happen on The John Garey Show and Season 3 is no exception.  We have 10 amazing episodes with leaders in the Pilates and fitness worlds (and a few crazy people too).  The Season premieres Thursday, April 13 with a new show every week.  Check out the schedule below.

Every guest has their own page with their episode, bio, contact info and resources from the show.  Once a show premieres, you can view it anytime by clicking on the photo or "Click to Watch."

Finally... a talk show for us: Pilates and Fitness Pros and enthusiasts.
You'll learn, and laugh, and be thoroughly entertained.  So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the show!

Episode 1: Watch this Episode

Guest: Sara Colquhoun
Owner of Ki Movement Pilates

Premieres: Thursday, April 13


Episode 2: Watch This Episode

Guest: Wendy Andersen
Creator of Empowered Owners Program

Premieres: Thursday, April 20


Episode 3:  Watch this episode

Guest: Joe Williams
Crazy dude that used to work for me

Premieres: Thursday, April 27


Episode 4: Watch this Episode

Guest: Bob Andersen
Athletic Conditioning Expert

Premieres: Thursday, May 4


Episode 5: Watch this Episode

Guest: Raph Bender
Owner of Breathe Education in Australia

Premieres: Thursday, May 11


Episode 6:  Watch this Episode

Guest: Sheri Long
Senior Faculty Member of BASI Pilates

Premieres: Thursday, May 18


Episode 7: Watch This Episode

Guest: Bryce Taylor
Creator of the Halo Trainer®

Premieres: Thursday, June 1


Episode 8: Watch this Episode

Guest: Kristi Cooper
Creator Pilates Anytime

Premieres: Thursday, June 15


Episode 9: Watch this Episode

Guest: Ricardo Jaramillo
Owner of Nature Pilates in Spain

Premieres: Thursday, June 29


Episode 10:  Watch this Episode

Guest: Lisa Hubbard
Creator of Rhythm Pilates®

Premieres: Thursday, July 13