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The John Garey Show – Season 2

The John Garey Show
Season 2

Season 2 of The John Garey Show is off the charts.  We have 10 amazing episodes with superstar guests from the fields of Pilates and fitness. The Season premieres Sunday, August 7.  We air a new show each week, just check the schedule below.  Once a show premieres, you can view it anytime by clicking on the picture or "Click to Watch."  Finally, a talk show for us: Pilates and Fitness Pros and enthusiasts.  You'll learn, and laugh, and be thoroughly entertained!

So be sure to tune in and join us right here at

Episode 1: Click to watch

Guest: Brett Miller
Owner of Pilates Intel

Premieres: Sunday, August 7


Episode 2: Click to Watch

Guest: Melanie Byford-Young
Pilates and Rehab Expert

Premieres: Sunday, August 14


Episode 3: Click to watch

Guest: Kristi Cooper
Creator of Pilates Anytime

Premieres: Sunday, August 21


Episode 4: Click to Watch

Guest: Tahneetra Crosby
Fitness Expert

Premieres: Sunday, August 28


Episode 5: Click to Watch

Guest: Michelle Dozois
Owner of Breakthru Fitness

Premieres: Sunday, September 18


Episode 6: Click to Watch

Guest: Cathie Murakami
Pilates Expert

Premieres: Sunday, September 25


Episode 7: Click to Watch

Guest: Kathy Corey
Pilates Expert

Premieres: Sunday, October 2


Episode 8: Click to Watch

Guest: Joe Williams
Fitness Expert

Premieres: Sunday, October 9


Episode 9: Click to Watch

Guest: Mindy Mylrea
Fitness Expert

Premieres: Sunday, October 16


Episode 10: Click to Watch

Guest: Jeffrey Scott
Fitness Expert

Premieres: Sunday, October 23