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The John Garey Show Goes to Europe


We have a very special season of The John Garey Show for you:  The John Garey Show Goes to Europe!

John and Adam packed up the camera's and took off to Europe, where John taught and Adam captured much of the action on video.   We also sat down with our hosts in most of the countries and locations to get to know them better and find out more about Pilates across the pond (as they say).

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, café, caffee, or tea and join John as he catches up with Pilates instructors all over Europe!  And click here to see where John is touring next.

Episode 1: Watch Episode

London Calling: John hangs out with Brigitte Wrenn and Pete Gibson on a Sphinx in Crystal Palace, London.  First though, they wait for him to chug coffee.

Premieres: Friday, July 27

Episode 2: Watch Episode

Part 1: John visits Michaela Bimbi-Dresp in Munich at her gorgeous studio.
Part 2: John and Adam meet with Alison Salmond at the Soho Hotel in London.  Once the champaign starts flowing, Alison starts telling tales.  Just kidding, but it's good fun anyway.

Premieres: Friday, August 11

Episode 3: Watch Episode

Part 1: John and Adam visit Marseille, France and John gets kissed by a girl (or two).  Plus, he sits down with Julie Midgley and talks about Pilates in France.
Part 2: John meets up with Oxfordshire Pilates Studio Owner, Caroline Murray in the quaint English town by the same name.

Premieres: Thursday, August 31